Hi there!

I am Jelena, but friends call me Lena.

I live in London and I was very surprised when realised this after more than a year of being here. Ha-ha! Originally I am from Latvia. If you don't know where to find it on a map I'll give a cue - it is a small country near the Baltic sea.

I was always passionate about the idea to do what you love, so I tried different things such as photography and scene design, makeup art, and painting personal design clothing.

I love to draw. I was doing this since I was a child. But never thought this could become my full-time job. The idea to make illustrations for people and companies came to my mind when I started learning digital illustration tools. As a perfectionist, I fell in love with vector and it’s clean lines and structure.

So that’s how it all started :)
Right now I am creating clean positive illustrations and pattern designs, which are full of joy and colourful energy.

Now when you know almost everything I wish you a great day and see you soon!